Friday, 6 February 2009

procrastinating about running

i have a cold. i'm supposed to be running (quite a lot) tonight. i'm torn between the need to get the mileage back up after the filthy weather we've had this week (which means i've not run since 11 miles on sunday, and that was my first run for a week).

i'm supposed to be doing about 16-18 miles this week, as a preparation for the 20 mile run on the 15th. that isn't going to happen.

i'm resigned to running home - which is 9 miles, and if i'm feeling ace i might do some detours, but 16 is not likley. i'm doing at least 11 on sunday (maybe a tiny bit more) and i've done one 16 and one 14 so far.

i'm more concerned that i'm going to make myself (more) ill by running in the cold. in fact - looking out the window, i'm trying to work out if it is raining. if it is raining i'll be on the tube.

i've just checked at the window. its not raining. i have no excuse. i'll run home, and wipe my nose on the back of my glove. i'm confident i'll enjoy it once i get out there - its been a horrible week, and the escape from the office with the cold wind in my (currently almost flowing) hair will be wonderful. can you see what i'm doing here? working psychology on myself. i'm almost fooled.

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