Monday, 16 February 2009

First 20 miler - done.

My time in yesterday's 20 mile race was nothing to write home about - it was all I could manage to keep moving by about 17 miles in, and only the Reading Roadrunner behind me, who kept shouting at me every time i slowed to a walk (and sprinted past me at the line!) kept me going at all.

of course - this was never going to be a PB - coming off an 11 mile week (laziness) then a 5 mile week (snow and illness) and then doing a 9, a 4 and then the 20, I'm very much getting up to distance.

the big test will be as follows.

will i do the speed session tomorrow? (my legs are feeling ok today, but i suspect they'll get worse) - the answer is yes I will - Lisa will see to that - and we have Kit to sell!

Will I run home on thursday? - yes! i'll tell everyone in the office, and (I'll make myself believe that) they'll laugh if I chicken out. I might even put in an extra loop and make it up to 15 miles or so. (you never know)

Then i'll be able to do a social 7 miler with the club on sunday, and maybe have a long bike ride on saturday, and all will be well with my training.

Sorry this blog is getting quite running focussed - it is starting to take over my life at the moment - I'll try and review the lily allen album tomorrow as some light relief.

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