Wednesday, 4 February 2009

been busy

I'm thinking about moving to smaller - shorter posts - if I think of something more substantial, I'll write it, but i'm finding it hard to find the time (and the inspiration) to get a good rant on.

Of course - I've also been very busy writing a novel. It is top secret, but I can tell you it currently has 18000 (very short) words, and far too much use of buts and ands, and i'm probably about half way through. thats all i'm telling you for now.

we've had loads of snow - so I was working from home yesterday and the day before. its affecting the marathon training - I'm supposed to be running home from work tonight, but it was so icy on the pavements back at my end of town, i'm not sure how far I'd get before fear of a broken ankle would force me to jump on the tube...

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