Monday, 9 August 2010

Travelodge - Sleep Tight

Isn't there an L missing in the middle of that word? Seriously I’m worried about the ability to spell in our fine hotels.

Did I say fine hotels? I must have been thinking about another place. But then, what do you expect for £19 a night? Here’s what I didn't expect:

• To have to share a room with a Scotsman because half our booking had been lost.
• Identity theft (This was a while ago, but never trust a hotel that uses one of those carbon copy whoosh-whoosh machines in the 21st century)
• The lack of a bathmat or a second towel, there were 2 of us in a double room ffs.
• A rather funky smell (that’s funk as in Michael Jackson’s “funk of 40,000 years”, not as in Wild Cherry’s “play that funky music”).
• An additional £10 to park (at least I got a view of the multi-storey from my window; I could check the hubcaps were still attached hourly).
• The fact that my foot went through a massive tear in the sheet, but it was too late/I was too tired to whinge.
• Did I mention the smell?

I was going to write something really witty about the “sleep tight” slogan, as it is probably the cleverest thing I’ve ever heard. But I can’t do better than your own intellegance, so think about it for 3 seconds. It’s great.

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