Monday, 17 April 2017


Cambodia for us was all about the temples. We stayed in Siem Riep, and for our first full day, we had a driver and a proper car with AC take us round all the main temples. Starting in Angkor Wat, with the classic multi pinnacled towers, and amazing friezes along every wall, we then did Bayon, with benevolent smiling faces adorning every tower, and a thousand little corridors to get lost in, the Elephant Terrace, then Tomanon, and Ta Prohm  (the amazing overgrown one from the Tomb Raider movie) there was one more on the way home - banteay kdei, but we'd been out and about for about 7 hours by the time we got back.

Day two proper we lazed about in the morning, and had a swim in the pool, before hopping in a tuk tuk and going back to Bayon. We found a shady spot and just sat and watched the world (literally, a tourist from every country) go by. We immersed ourselves in a beautiful place, until we ran out of water and went out to the next bit.

Baphuon, was a small one we missed the day before, part of the royal palace.

We spent some more time at the elephant terrace, finding some of the hidden bits, and moving on to the leper King terrace, a 6 layer sculptured terrace.

Day three was an early start and a long drive out to Beng Malaya, a huge and still in its fallen state complex, with more trees growing through it, tunnels and piles of stones to explore and walkways to climb and finally Bantea Srei, an intricately decorated "ladies" temple, quite small, but extremely beautiful.

We had lunch at a really posh restaurant - more amazing sea bass for me, loofah for Lisa, and we shared the most amazing banana fritters for pudding!

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