Thursday, 2 February 2017


On our last morning in the USA we popped off to the San Francisco modern art museum, which was lovely, although we didn't think we had long to look around. Turns out we could have stayed a lot longer, as our flight to LA was delayed by (eventually) about 3 hours! We had left what we thought was a massive margin for error when we booked, but we ended up sprinting through LAX to get our flight to Fiji.

It was all fine though. We had about 10 minutes to spare, and made it to Fiji.

The 24th of January didn't exist, which amused me, so we arrived early on the morning of the 25th.
A three hour bus journey, and we were in the resort by lunchtime.

The uprising beach resort was gorgeous, sand nice and hot, sea clear and warm and hammocks with little signs warning of the risk of falling coconuts. The staff were lovely, and the restaurant excellent (and generous).

Unfortunately on my birthday I ended up succumbing to the jet lag, and pretty much sleeping from lunchtime to the next morning.

The next day we chilled in hammocks and read books and snoozed, but we made up for it on our last full day, by heading out to Venga island, via some amazing spinner dolphins and a lot of rain, to snorkel with the fishes, and sit on an island beach, and jump into the sea from the top of the boat, and pretending I wasn't 20 years older than everyone else on the trip.

Final day, and we took the bus back to the airport, and that was Fiji.

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