Monday, 14 July 2014

A poem for the Germans

An ode to Germany
So as another world cup ends
we must admire our German friends
The Portuguese, they swept aside
Ghana though - well how they tried
no win for them, a two - two draw
a minor blip, an even score
then USA a nervous game
they did the job it's all the same
Three points they got and that's enough
to leave Ronaldo feeling rough
Algeria? they got knocked out
you might have thought it was a rout
but just a goal, a single strike
the Africans were on their bike
The French were next, another win
Into the semis by a sin-
-gle goal, we thought they would get more
these Germans knocking on the door
of history but who comes next?
Brazil - the hosts they weren't perplexed
With bags of style they hit the net
and six times more who could forget
the home nation they were sent packing
Those salsa boys got quite a whacking
so who would bet against the team
who moved towards the final dream
one game away from history
the plan it was no mystery
to win the game, to beat Messi
to score, was this necessary?
on penalties, the Germans knew
would be a fine way to get through
but why risk it? why wait so long?
when so much might have still gone wrong
bring Götze on, he took his shot
it was the only one they got
and in it went - whizzed past the keeper
and as the clocked ticked ever deeper
towards the end of extra time
this poet's running out of rhyme
the whistle blew, the arms went up
the Germans! - they had won the cup!