Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sweepstake Poem

An epic poem about failing to win an office sweepstake I organised for the world cup. 

Prizes were available for scoring no goals, or getting knocked out on penalties, as well as for getting into the top four. I hope you like it. It took about 40 minutes to write. 

If you decide you're going to cheat
There's things to do to keep it neat
If, first to pick you get Brazil
Then who would think it luck, not skill
If Argentina's out the hat
This might raise some suspicion that
Of all the teams he could have chose
He still decided to suppose

That Latin flair might win the day
Will Messi's lads go all the way?
Perhaps to know he'll walk away
With something at the end of play
(Considering especially  
Who set the rules, yes! It was he
So picking out a woeful team
What better way, a winning scheme

So Cameroon, Nigeria
Bosnia Herzegovina 
(Apologies, atrocious rhyme
I'm writing this with little time)
Some teams so poor, such rigmarole
So unlikely to score a goal
The chance to share a crispy note
Was that enough to float his boat?

When David chose, give him his due
To pick a team all dressed in blue
A team who had eight years ago
Won the World Cup (a mighty blow
To German hopes and English dreams)
Yes Italy were his it seems
They might not win but they might boast
That they might beat the Ivory Coast

As team most likely to go out
Whose chances would be up the spout
In last sixteen or final eight
On penalties, won't that be great
But no, they failed, they went to ground
And got knocked out in the first round. 
He didn't cheat, it was just luck
He's won nothing, but won't say "bother".