Sunday, 25 April 2010

Marathon day.

My regular reader will know that I’ve been training for the London Marathon this year, (although not wanting this to become a running blog I’ve not done many posts on it recently) but you’ll have spotted on the twitter feed to the right that I’ve spent the morning not running the London Marathon. A couple of runs ago I had some pain in my knee, and then it got worse, and I had some physio and it got a lot better, but still not right at all, so I decided to hand in my number and I’ll do it next year.

Although I’m sure I would have got round, had I dosed myself up with painkillers, and gritted my teeth, I feel I have nothing to prove by running marathon number 6. I had one goal this time, and that was to break through the 4 hour barrier (the right side of 4 hours that is) and I was pretty confident that this was not going to happen today. Another years training, and no injuries in 2011 and I’ll do it easily.

Harder though was deciding not to go and watch – the wife was running, and I got up early to give her a lift to kennington (after suffering the so called “rail replacement” bus which did nothing of the sort yesterday I didn’t want her to have to struggle just to get to the start), but we agreed that I could stay at home and get the washing up done, and have another go at the pitifully easy unless you are me third level of Tom Clancy’s HAWX. (I get great value out of computer games, by virtue of being absolutely awful at them).

Imagine wanting to do something, finding you can’t, and then going to see 30,000 other people doing it. Even if a dozen of them are friends and one you love more than anything else in the world – I just didn’t fancy it. So I stayed in, put my feet up, caught up on a load of telly and wrote this.

Anyway – I’m off to mow the lawn. I’ve had a text off the wife – she knocked a couple of minutes off her PB, which is awesome, and means she can do London for the next two years.