Thursday, 2 April 2009

All running done - just the marathon now

Yep - the slightly too fast 2 and a half miles I ran yesterday were my lot. Training done. i'm not getting any fitter between now and sunday morning - I just need to rest - relax and above all, not walk for 6 hours up and down massive hills and steps like I did 2 years ago.

The down side is, the weather forecast is suggesting it will be pretty warm - 19degrees c might not seem that warm, but it will be enough to make me need to take headache pills before, and probably during the race, and be careful to have plenty of water all the way through. I'll be doing the wet hat trick too.

We head for paris tomorrow morning - stupidly early, need to leave the house at about 6! ghastly. (althogh only an hour earlier than a normal workday). Then we'll pick up numbers and t shirts and other goodies at the marathon expo in the afternoon, and scour the local area for pasta restaurants. We'll eat something else tomorrow, but the pasta is a vital aspect of our preparation for sunday.

We've both been off the booze since monday night, and we'll stick to that till after the race, although if i've sprained an ankle, or am feeling really dreadful, i reserve the right to have some wine/brandy/cider which i know will be offered between miles 22 and 25.

I have no idea if i'll be able to get online and twitter or facebook while we're away. it will all depend on free wifi... Ill keep scanning on the iphone and try and say hi when i can.

We're home on wednesday, and have a single day in work on thursday before another long weekend. bliss.

Anyway - thats all your getting, blogging, packing and eating in one lunch hour isn't going to get any of them done properly.

Catch you soon!

And wish me luck - I'm going to need it!

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