Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Builders Breakfast/Hoisin Duck

What they've done with the Builders Breakfast crisps, is taken a pack of smokey bacon crisps, and stuck a lable over them with "builders breakfast" and relied on the power of suggestion to add a hint of sausage and beans (apparently - I listened to steve wright in the afternoon when they launched this whole concept) to the overall mix.

Maybe the fact that i've had a cold since 1997 doesn't make me the best person to be taste testing these crisps. we went on a wine tasting afternoon at Vinopolis at new year, and i was having a particularly snotty day, so didn't really appreciate all the subtler nuances of each bouquet... i still sneeze approximately 19 times each morning, and have a pack of tissues within reach at all times, (although i'm not as bad as my dad - who has absolutely no sence of smell - he's great come baby changing time, not so great when the electric shower has smoke belching out of it).

Hoisin duck tasted of neither duck nor hoisin. actually - it is Crispy Duck and Hoisin, as i've just noticed on the crumpled pack (filled with snotty tissues) still sitting on my desk.

they were vaguely meaty, with a very slight barbecue sauce flavour. basically - if they'd slapped a crazy label on a pack of BBQ crisps - and told me it was crispy duck and hoisin, then i'd have been fooled.

I guess the fact that i'm going on about it means they've won, i've bought them, and now i'm talking about them - marketing excec puts a big tick in the box.

two more to go - onion bhagee and chilli and chocolate... i'm scared.

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