Thursday, 12 February 2009


Looks like I'm giving myself a focus.

London Duathlon - Entered

I did it last year on no training and a hybrid bike without a top gear in trainers. I fell off the bike and limped home, bleeding - finishing with the wheezy kids and the old and infirm. If i can't improve my PB this year following training, on my Carbon Fibre monster of a bike weighing in at only 8kg) and with the full knowledge of what that hill will do for ones ability to brake at the bottom, then there is something wrong with me (of course there is plenty wrong with me, you don't need to tell me that, but nothing that will stop me threatening lisa in the duathlon)

Swanage Triathlon - Considering.

I need to do some research, as it could be as hilly as a hilly thing, but with people usually doing 750m swims in less than 30 minutes (and as quick as 15) i'll need to improve on the 500m in 25 minutes i did in the pool on monday. I have plenty of time to do so, and i can swim without affecting other training too much. Cycling to work more often (i.e. at all) will improve my biking, and after the marathon in the spring, I quite fancy trying to improve my shorter (5-10k) runs.

I think i'm talking myself into it - i'll need a wetsuit though - and to practice my swimming in the sea too!

Its all scary...

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