Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Feeling good

I've been sneezing all morning, it is raining outside, and the forecast is for "sleet" but i feel brilliant.

Tonight i'm running home - and nothing will stop me. i have my waterproof top, my gloves, and my headband, and its only 9 miles.

The main motivation for me running home though is my new work shoes. running 9 miles in my nice comfy trainers is childs play compared to walking for 10 minutes to the tube, and 10 minutes at the other end. they are cutting into my ankles something chronic.

as you'll have seen yesterday - it is all about the phsychology - make me think i'll enjoy the run, and i'll run. and i'll enjoy it.

how i'll get on with my 20 mile race on sunday is another matter - but one step at a time!

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